Art of the Day: A Vision in Black and White.

08 Oct


Graphite and carbon pencil on 8.5in x 14in Bristol board

The inspiration for this piece was a vision of sorrow and pain shared between two characters, Vannesza (left) and Aarwenusz (right) with the image of Aarwenusz’s mother hanging in the center against the ghostly face of Aarwenusz’s tormenting eldest brother, Hradlr. This scene was not role-played exactly as shown, but this is how I ended up interpreting it onto paper.

I chose to do this in graphite because I felt black and white would enhance the scene with a sharp contrast with the images of the subjects involved emerging from negative space.  I had always felt that my graphite works were among my weakest; however, I have loved how the medium looks.  Over the past few years, I have attempted to improve my skills and wished to challenge myself in this medium by evoking strong emotions through the use of graphite. Further, my other challenges were the women in this image: first, did I create recognizable characters whose images are reproduced here faithfully to the initial works I did; and secondly, did I convey the emotions I wanted in this image? In the end, I felt I was successful with both ends as both characters reflect previous images and the characters’ facial expressions, Vanessza’s intense, strong look, and Aarwenusz’s soft face and slightly pensive expression show.

This scene serves a dual purpose: it is a vision of Aarwenusz’s direct past as child, and it is an illustration of divinative effects of magic in the Cultura Gaming System.  Aarwenusz is sharing this vision of her mother’s actual suicide by hanging with Hradlr’s face in the background as the one she believes tormented her mother into doing this.  The spell created here is a illusion created from memory in the smokiness of a candle, and offers Vannesza, Aarwenusz’s dear friend, insight.  Both casters focus on magic from the Spirit Element.

Both characters belong to my husband and I.  The image above is copyrighted to Creative Sphere Games and Michelle Smallwood to 2011 and cannot be reproduced without her express written permission.

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Posted by on October 8, 2012 in Art, Cultura, Gjale, Magic


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