Art of the Day: Aloenira

12 Oct

The Vidh – Aloenira

Digital art – September 2011

Another Vidh to end the week. This piece is was my attempt at working with an entire scene in a digital medium and a repaint of my very first attempt at trying to paint in Photoshop.

Aloenira is a druidic Vidh that lives in the same colony as The voice of He (a little info on him in yesterdays post). The proud druid stands in the primordial forest encouraging the quick growth of vines to protect herself, help the forest or perhaps she is simply helping the forest recover it’s plant life. The magical elements she harnesses are Empyrean, Air, Ether, and Spirit.

There is one thing very rare about this druid, she was once a Gjåle. In her youth Aloenira was on a journey as a cleric and abandoned by her traveling partner. She quickly realized she was lost and being near the Black Forest chose to risk it’s many dangers. With much difficulty she managed to keep herself alive, though unbeknownst to her with the help of a Vidh. After close to a year of this he showed himself and continued helping her for several more years and slowly managed to integrate her into Vidh society.

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Posted by on October 12, 2012 in Art, Cultura, Magic, Vidh


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