Art of the Day: The Saor – Inthilara

15 Oct

The Saor – Inthilara na Trahaearn

Digital art – January 2011

This is the second piece/character I tried to do in a digital medium. I was still trying to work my way around the basics of the program photoshop CS4 and the effects you can get from the layers, as well as still working to grasp anatomy.

Today I introduce you to Inthilara na Trahaearn, also known as Lara or the Little Otter to her close friends. She is a Saor (pronounced “Shore”) or sea elf, but more specifically she is a Cym, a Saor from Cymraeg which lies within the Gjålestadt. Her physical distinction is her colorful tattooing, owing to the Cym. This little otter of a woman (standing just over 5 feet) is known for having a very loving and forgiving nature, but can turn quite ferocious if her family is threatened. Lara uses the elements of Water, Air, and Spirit and uses the Circle casting style to work her spells.

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Posted by on October 15, 2012 in Art, Characters, Cultura, Magic, Saor


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