Gibbering Madness: Is this the point to which interactive persistent games, such as MMOs, RPGs, and other online or community based experiences have gone?

15 Oct

“Upon the announcement of patch 5.1’s launch on the PTR, my first reaction was ‘Oh! How exciting, that was fast!’ I then started looking through the 5.1 patch notes and items, as you do, and noticed the PvP Season 13 armor in the list. All of a sudden, I started feeling rather overwhelmed. Having taken a week’s holiday shortly after the launch of Mists, and having had to send away my gaming laptop for repairs, I’m a bit behind on the gearing. I haven’t done any dailies, but then I don’t plan to unless I really feel it can’t be avoided, and I’m building up my honor and conquest sets.” – Olivia Grace, WoW Insider blogger, on 10/14/12. (Here’s the link).

Really?  Being the 800 pound gorilla in the chamber, World of Warcraft has a target squarely between its eyes, over its chest, and on its back.  Yes, it is showing its age; yes, it is a vastly different game than what was created in its design from 1999-2004 (estimated, of course); and yes, it still has around 10 million people worldwide that play it to this day.  And, yes, I will admit, as a major nerd and lover of imaginative games and role-playing type games, I spent more than my fair share of time logged into Azeroth.

During the years I played a very real complaint, made mostly by those as the cutting edge at first, then slowly extending through the community as the game became more successful, the speed at which content is released during an expansion cycle was considered “too slow.”  Blizzard kept stating that they need to release content at a quicker pace and that they wanted to offer a diverse and expansive group of features to end game characters.

Having only tried Pandaria at low levels just to see what was going on with the game, I know nothing of the state of the current end game and nor do I care.  I am far too concerned with my personal projects than to worry about a level capped character doing whatever it is that level capped characters do in the newest expansion.

However, this blog post and some of the comments (not all, there are several that point out that this is a curious Breakfast Topic post) take the pail. How greedy can a singular game’s community be?  The designers and company have given content and increased the pace at which the content has been released (though it’s understandable that the community is confused at the constant string pulling they do), which is something for which the players of this game have consistently asked.  It’s delivered upon and now, it’s overwhelming.

The blame is on both sides here: 1.) Blizzard has consistently given into player demand and constantly changed the game, leading to a great deal of uncertainty; and 2.) the  vociferous Blizzard player base (e.g: bloggers, forum posters, &c), especially as it grew in size , has become more and more unreasonable in its demands.

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