Art of the Day: The Saor

16 Oct


The Saor (Shore)

Digital art – November 2011

This piece is to introduce the Saor culture of the Fay (Elves) of Arde. This primer on the culture explains some facets of this culture as I continue posting their images for the remainder of the week, specifically the diminutive Cym, Inthilara.


Here is a little snippet by my husband Buer on this ethic group of elves.

Saor (Shore):

Petulant, warlike, quick to smile, dance, and sing, the Saor are classically viewed as marauders from the Isles of Myst.  Surrounded by their loving and cruel paramount god, Aemyr the Father of Water, they are viewed as savages to those that spend very little time with them.  Saor place high pride in providing for their clan, thane, and crew.  The world is filled with beauty, wonder, and terror, which is best dealt with either a keen blade, spell, or tongue.

  • Physical Description: Like the other Fay, the Saor have pointed ears; however, theirs are no larger than a human’s with the point ending just about halfway up the brow and below the crown.  Saor are the bulldogs of the Fay people: short, muscular, and thick, though women are thinner and finer featured.  Men stand between 5’8” to 6’2”; women stand between 5’5” to 5’8” in height.  Saors typically have blonde or light brown hair, though a vibrant red is also seen.  Their eyes are most commonly blue, but greens are prevalent as well.  The rarest of all Saor have black hair and blue eyes.
  • Ethnic Traits: The Saor are Medium-size humanoids.  Their primary focus is on Skills that relate to the ocean and sailing, survival in harsh environments, and magics and spirits.  They are a proud and happy group, though the Saor of the Isles of Myst are far more warlike and sterner than the Saor of Cymraeg.  Saor can see double the distance of man at night with starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and other similar conditions of poor illumination.  They can still see color, but can only see half the distance they can in the day.
  • Naming Conventions: The Saor name their children through divinations after the child’s birth or for the hopes that a hero’s demeanor will wear off on their namesakes.  The most common names of males are Dafydd, Seamus (more on this letter), Cadraig, Cururin, Faergus; common female names are Maeve, Orlaith, Halyame, Gwyneid, and Magthrea.  Last names do exist, but focus on the clan from which the individual’s family came.  More important is the patronymic that is included with the child’s given name.  Cadraig, son of Owain is Cadraig maeghOwain; his sister, Magthrea, daughter of Owain, is Magthrea niOwain.  They are members of the Caladwyr clan.  So, they are Cadraig maeghOwain, and Maghthrea niOwain Caladwyr.
  • Ethnic Characteristic: Wit(Wit)[Sensitivity].
  • Preferred Casting Styles: Circle and Focus Casting Styles.  The Sidhe (witches) of the Saor are known for drawing magically infused Circles upon the ground through which they compel the elements to bend to their will.  The Waerlogh (priests) of the Saor are known for their faith in their deities’ cults.
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