Art of the Day: Aas and Dag.

23 Oct

Aaslinn Siedenbard

Digital art – May 2012

I give you another picture of Aaslinn, only today she is with her other companion Dag, a rare white dire wolf pup. This one is in a completely different style then I would normal do. I was experimenting with a cartoonish illustration style and soft color palette to see if I enjoyed it. I did end up doing a couple like this, and though I like how they came out in the end I lost interest in continuing it.

Aaslinn is a Gjåle peasant and ranger/hunter by trade. Her personality matches her fiery  mane and she is known for blunt honestly no matter how uncomfortable it might make others. The two companions she has taken in are the center of her world which she has trained for different tasks. The first is her trusted and loyal Aikannara, a plains lion, used for his brute strength and pure intimidation. Dag, the dire wolf pup she found recently and is still being trained but she hopes to have him help with hunting and tracking soon.

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