Art of the Day: Aarwenusz ab Grynbris

26 Oct


Aarwenusz ab Grynbris

Mixed Media –  June 2012

The line work for this was done in pencil and photoshop was used to simply color it.

This is, as the title states, Aarwenusz ab Grynbris as a young woman, a minor noble of the Gjålestadt from the Sølsken Rike. She lived through their civil war and due to having been on the wrong side for half of it she later spent approximately 150 years under house arrest as a war criminal. Recently she was exonerated and returned to her family, stepping into the role of wife and mother for Hraldr Siedenbard and his children (I will share some images of him and his children soon).

Aarwenusz is known for being The Elementalist, a rare type of magic user for the Gjåle people and considered quite banal. The elements she uses are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.


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