Art of the Day: Robes of a Cleric and a Kitty

29 Oct


Sister Aarwenusz Siedenbard

Digital art – November 2011

On Friday I introduced Aarwenusz ab Grynbris and before that Aaslinn Siedenbard to everyone so I have decided this week we will go through the rest of the Siedenbard family. You will notice a lot of what I might show you, when it comes to the Gjåle, will revolve around this family since they are a huge center point to the stories Beur and I have to tell. We will start with the youngest and smallest in the family, Aarwenusz, often called Wenu, obviously named after her aunt, now mother.

The main focus of this piece was to illustrate the formal garb of a cleric of the Creator faith of the Gjålestadt. Wenu is of a low rank of an order called the Alkemipräst, an order that contains only clerics with the gift of magic use. The Gjålestadt in general tends to frown upon magic use, though it is tolerated, so the order is relatively small. She stands in front of a door to a church and beside her sits her trusted familiar and companion Bartholomew, she likes to call him Mew (She fully enjoys the pun).


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