Weekly Writing Log: In which we tabled Elements, started theming the day, and set new records.

29 Oct

Cultura saw a major design change this week wherein we started creating grid for abilities relating to magic, physical combat, and skills.  Over the course of this week, I devoted over 15 hours of working on this, completing the tables for physical elements and starting the metaphysical, and the results of which are pretty damned cool and do exactly what I’d hoped: offer a non-linear approach to character development.  The opposite result of this is that I did not write any in the Lay at all; however, I can deal with that if it means the engine is progressing well.

In the blog realm, we had our best day ever Thursday, regarding the Vanitas theme.  This has inspired me to continue constructing the daily posts around a theme.  Thank you for reading and feel free to comment!

I leave you with this, in homage to Halloween, Samhein, Day of the Dead, of whatever you want to call it:


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