Nocturnal Ruminations: The Metaphysics of the Four Temperaments.

30 Oct

Alchemy was everything in the Middle Ages and the tenets of its belief systems extended into the Enlightenment and maintain some folkloric and academic power to this date; e.g: Carl Jung’s work on using these archetypes to explain specific psychological conditions and just about any personality profiling test on the internet.  Hell, you might have even took one when you started working, “just to best assess your learning styles.”

Think about all things into which the Humors (an alternative name for the Temperaments) were tied: from medical practice, personality, psychology, weather changes, aptitudes at work and education.  Bleeding and leeching occurred into the early 20th century and continues in some more rural communities, even in the US.

Ire reflects the Choleric Temperament in terms of game development, and while there are plenty of other things the Humors are said to influence and still influence to this day.


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