Diurnal Aural Experiences: Modern Dark Folk.

06 Nov

Offering three songs today, all from folk metal projects.

First up is “Omnos” from Eluveitie’s acoustic album “Arcane Dominion I.” According to the band and their use of the Gaulish language as reconstructed by the University of Bern (Switzerland).  This Swiss band that uses hurdy gurdy, mandolin, pan flutes, tin whistles, and other traditional sounds offers a folk song that is essentially a version of Red Riding Hood.  It however illuminates a particular interesting facet of Gaulish culture, and indeed all of Celtic culture as a whole.=:  emotional, physical, and sexual abuse were expressly prohibited by their legal system and was enforced with strict exile.  The abuser was culturally represented as a wolf.  I’ve included the embedded video and a link underneath it to the band’s forum where you can read the lyrics in English.  I also recommend the song Dessumiis Luge off the same album (a song performed to the words of a curse found on a metal plate on the Chalmers Plain in France that dates to approximately 200 AD).

“Omnos” lyrics translated: HERE

Manegarm, a Swedish folk metal project whose metal I absolutely detest, released this wonderful work that is an acoustic focused EP titled “Urminnes Haevd.”  Wonderfully relaxing music.  See below for the embed video.

Finally, I offer the video to Regin Smidur (which is filled full of wondrous cheese for the fantasy metaller).  By the Faroe Islands band, Tyr, this song is a good example of what folk music tied to metal can do, in my opinion.

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