Weekly Writing Log: Soapbox Edition.

12 Nov

Once again, I would like to extend a hearty thank you to everyone that read us this week, and profusely thank the bloggers that have followed us here at the Alembic.

Over the course of the past week, Paimona has offered up her Commission information if anyone is interested and has begun showing the images of the Seidenbard family (a family of Gjales from Cultura whom are the dramatic personae of the story I’ve been writing alongside the game design).  I should not understate this, but there have been times during this process that her art as provided the inspiration to keep going and keep working, even when bureaucracy holds back my creativity (amazing how it does that, isn’t it).

I have written approximately 10 new scenes for the Lay of Seidenbard over the past week, including one today (a day off is wonderful; instead of this being automated, I actually clicked the button to publish it).  I hope to get more written.  The game design for the system continues as the right elements are coming into place to push the system into its final stages of writing (which is nice).

My soapbox was apparently firmly nailed to the floor and in clear view as I ranted on a few things this week; however, I’m planning on giving it away soon enough. Hahah.


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