Art of the Day: Mikaela Siedenbard

13 Nov

Mikaela Siedenbard

Traditional art – August 2011, Mechanical pencil

Mikaela is the granddaughter of Hraldr senior and daughter to the late Hraldr the Lesser. She was given to her uncle Tyko as an infant knowing her father would most likely kill her, like he did her mother shortly after he took her in. He quickly placed her into the church where she could be raised by the nuns and monks in hopes her father would never find out. She grew up quite happy and followed the path of the Vaektare (a type of inquisitor or religious warrior) and spent many years tracking down heretics, her father being one of them.

A quick digital coloring of the tradition one above. I wanted to get an idea of what she might look like in color for future reference.

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