Music Review of the Week, Part Two: Worm Ouroboros’ “Come the Thaw.” (2012)

30 Nov


Similar to Storm Corrosion, Worm Ouroboros is a progressive project including members of other established bands; it is not easy to focus on any one song on the album.  Per their Facebook description, they “set out to explore the lines between fragility and strength, darkness and light, harmony and discord.”  This very much describes the sound the album.

“Come the Thaw” focuses on a murky, almost amorphous soundscape, through which desperation is expressed and each note feels as if longingly played.  It is light on energy, focusing on a morose, at times nearly lifeless, ambience.  The female fronted vocals emerge over the droning movements, coming naturally from the ether of the songs.  It all works so well that I find myself wholly unconcerned with their message and more with the dark mood and heavy feel at hand.  The two vocalists, neither of whom shine over the other, evoke different feelings: from earthy warmth to a ringing clarity.

The recording is mixed well and each instrument is given its own space to breathe and grow. I enjoy the bass line of each song specifically as it seems to be the engine of the entire composition, in which the guitar serves to offer more emotional exploration and seems at times even reflective.  Aesop Dekker’s drumming is stellar as always and is unexpected in its use of rhythms.  The album just feels like a focused, driven performance.

In a year that has seen a number of solid releases from Progressive Metal and Rock bands, Worm Ouroboros offers an examination of mood.  It is a wonderful, if dark, experience that fulfills the aims of the musicians.  As written previously, I do not focus on any song on this album, I enjoy it for its simply qualities, noting that the pieces change and move with the album.  The feeling of longing only seems to grow through the runtime of the album, I grow quiet and contemplate the sounds’ meaning, just like sitting outside in the woods at night.

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