Inspiration of the Day: December 21, 2012

03 Dec

After staying up far too late last night and watching Nostradamus 2012 and Brad Metzler’s Decoded on the History Channel (I really am beginning to question my viewing habits), I didn’t get the music review done that I had intended.  This however was reflective of my previous week, recovering from stress and exhaustion I needed the levity of the program to truly begin getting out of my rut.  I blame my father for all this, mind you.  When I was a child, he would watch Arthur C Clarke’s “In Search of the Unknown”, Leonard Nimoy’s “In Search of…,” and all sorts and sundry of cryptozoological programs and strange cultural things.   I didn’t realize he was chuckling until he got switched to Second Shift where he worked and I would await his arrival home in the Summer and we would listen to Art Bell Coast to Coast.

When I realized it was a joke that my father was having and these things the interest of young men attempting to find mystery in the unknown or “unexplainable,”  it became infinitely more interesting to me personally.  My brother wrote his Senior Term Paper on Nostradamus and his prophecies; I consumed webpage after webpage, book after book, and show after show regarding the great kingdoms of the New World: Aztec, Toltec, Maya, Inca.  I read the accounts of the Gentleman of El Vez’s travels with De Soto through the North American Southeast and I looked through Nostradamus.  My Senior Term Paper was on the Holy Blood theory of the Holy Grail and began my first readings of alchemy.

So in other words, my father’s joking led to me beginning to study the “impending apocalypse.”  My interest in anthropology was sparked and I began my study of semiotics (also known as “symbology” in the popular culture aspect; symbology is not a word).  Nostradamus, whose images appeared last night, supposedly drew an image in which Christ was holding the Book of Life that appeared empty over which a Wheel of Time without spokes was placed.  The pseudoscientists pointed to this as being an image of Nostradamus believing the world was ending.  It is far more likely that he was denoting that Christ’s time was ending and that Christianity would not matter as much as it did in his time

Nostradamus is central to all this because of this Alchemical based water scrying.  He was renowned even within his own time and apparently foretold his king either becoming the next Charlemagne or dying in a jousting match.  This is the art of the prophet: play to the powers that be’s vanity and provide an alternate path that is highly likely.  Jousting deaths at the time were highly likely, even for kings.

As for the Mayan Calendar, it is far more likely that they ran out of time to begin to write about the next age.  Quick and dirty eschatology is for the birds, literally, as Augury had often been used to define the end of times.  And, speaking of the skies, this idea of entering the dark rift is a disturbing thought in which gravitational alignment will occur to the center of the galaxy.  However, as the scale of the universe is far more grand than even we could imagine, we should have begun feeling these effects around 1992 when we started entering the alignment!  It’s highly likely that we are being affected by changes caused by these; however, since this does occur, apparently every 26000 years, we should note that the earth is still here and apparently survived it.  The five previous mass extinctions don’t even correlate to the alignment periods.

It’s exciting however because it’s the culmination of the reasons I was interested in my chosen field of study.  It sparks my imagination and makes me consider the symbols in question all over again.  I no more believe the world will end through this than I do in any of the world’s major religions.


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