Weekly Writing Log: In which we foretold the end…

03 Dec

Another consistent and strong week here makes me smile.  We are thankful to each and everyone that read our considered our blog here.  So, thank you greatly for your viewership.

I’ve been in a rut of late.  My writing has suffered because of this and I’ve not pushed as many scenes as I think myself able.  Due to personal reasons and events mentioned over a week ago combined with work, my focus of late of writing has been shaken; however, I’m still going and I did write a solid scene regarding theology which will be important for the book.  Further, I’ve a job interview coming up this week in which I may get to apply my knowledges to a different aspect of the bureaus of State Government.  This is awesome.

I feel like my time is ending where I am working.  Further, the manner in which I’m writing my book leads itself to knowing precisely how the story will end so that the correct scenes are presented in the precise order necessary.  As such, I’ve finally clearly defined how I’m going to end the story.

Cheers!  Thanks again!  We look forward to seeing you for the remainder of the week.  I may continue tongue in cheek references to the impending end of the world and deducing relevant semiotics.


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