Inspiration of the Day: The Apocalypse Stone – AD&D 2nd Edition Adventure Module

05 Dec

In a particular bit of nastiness related to this whole 12/21/12 business, I remembered a module I once played at the tabletop with my friends and a very dickish DM.  This module was sold as the penultimate way to end a campaign as it could not only establish the characters in the ultimate pantheon of the game’s heroes, but it could also be their demise would then end with world’s destruction.

This adventure is vile and majorly difficult, even including in its first printing a disclaimer that advised to have the players agree to begin this.  It makes your characters that you have spent so long in building helpless; their weapons useless; their spells weak.  People die, keeps are destroyed, and the world is irrevocably changed.  I’ll get back to discussions tomorrow on things far and sundry from around the world, but for today, I’m remembering great times at the tabletop with my friends, trying to prevent the end of the world.


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