Weekly Writing Log: In which we were focused on other things…

10 Dec

Funny how busy life can make you, especially when you’re considering making a large change; e.g.: profession.  I’ve written as much as I could this past week and worked on Cultura as much as possible.

Regarding Cultura, Magic is finally where I want it, I believe, and is in its final stages before testing can really occur again.  Initial testing on the system showed that it devolved to casting the same spell over and over and over again instead of trying to figure out new ways and effects to mix. Generally, this is okay; however, it’s not the point of a system that’s inspired by Medieval Islam and European Alchemy.  The system now truly feels structured and organized without providing a series of rote spells that a character uses.  Skills, particularly crafting, will be finalized next, and physical combat will be assessed again.

Regarding the Lay, I’ve written a number of scenes over the previous week.  I’m now nearly sixty pages into its manuscript draft and about a quarter to a third done with the story in the manner I wish to present it.

Regarding the blog, we’ve had an interesting week with a lot of views (which was surprising and for which we are greatly thankful).  I plan on continuing the Apocalyptic series through 12/21/12 just because I’m enjoying discussing it.  Once again, thank you all for reading and viewing our works here!


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