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Nocturnal Ruminations: Hodgepodge…

As this bureaucrat has many things to accomplish before this week is gone and will be on the road tomorrow and Friday, it should be noted that there will be no posts from Buer on 2/1/13.  I believe on Monday or Tuesday, I’ll focus on posting an article on the origins of Groundhog’s Day (it’s fun).

Secondly, if you have not yet, one of the best deals in music, period, is to be found here: Obsidian Kingdom.  Their album Mantiis – An Agony in Fourteen Bites is available for Name Your Own Price digital download.  It’s an amazing experimental approach to genre blending metal, world sounds, noise rock, and gaze sounds.  I really enjoyed the use of horns on the album, and found the singer’s clean vocal and growled vocal interplay perfect in its tone and never falling into good cop vs. bad cop dreck.  I’m only offering a quick review as the Alembic focuses on albums released within the confines of a specific calendar year, but this was on my year end list last year and I very, very, very nearly put Cinnamon Balls from this album on the Best Songs list.  If you like music that has an eye to strong composition and varying soundscapes that are brightly evocative regardless if the themes are dark as a moonless night, you will enjoy this album.

Further, in borrowing from Jon Stewart and only slightly modifying it, here’s your daily moment of Serendipity: Chores & Sex.

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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Amiensus

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Apocalyptic of the Day: Impending Releases for the Current Year in Music…

Notification came through the interwebs regarding the first releases from Temple of Tortuous Records, a Swedish Indie Record label that has released such bands as Melancholia Ecstatica and Kolp (Bandcamp).  Both albums are due out on March 31st, 2013.

First up, we have Echtra, a band from Olympia, Washington, that focuses on the drone aspects of the sort of Cascadian Black Metal scene.  Their album, Sky Burial, is the first entry of the Passage Cycle that focuses on a very delineated theme: “an exploration of the dissolution of our mortal coil” through a composition that is described as poetic in nature.  While drone is not typically one of my favorite sounds, I can appreciate a band naming themselves after a being of Irish Folklore and then backing it up by the examination of a nihilistic theme in which one becomes more human by the realization of their own limitation of time.  Below is the album art that depicts in graphic detail sky burial and the album teaser:


Passage Cycle I: Sky Burial Album Teaser:

And, their previous album’s stream:

Look for the album to be presented as a CD/DVD album housed in a well-crafted digifile, with silver print, debossing on textured black carton, in combination with a 2-sided postcard as well.

ToT also is offering Total Negation’s “Zur späten Stunde | Zeiträume.”  Described as a conceptual project of two interlinked EP length releases, Total Negation is slated to offer a mixture of psychedelic krautrock and black metal in which Zur späten Stunde offers examination of the nightly trip of a resting body and mind, focusing on the delirious moments before sleep. “Zeiträume” offers the use of instruments not familiar to metal and focuses on the “visions of our dreams and how they blur into reality.”  Total Negation’s sound is more what I look for as far as my metal selections, as Wiedergaenger, the band’s lone musician, seeks to blur and transcend the genre label entirely.


Here’s a youtube video of Total Negation’s Consumed:

The album is due out on March 31, 2013 as well and  will be presented in a 6pp digifile with 12pp booklet, all printed on high quality textured rough paper stock.

We wish both bands well and hope that both achieve their aims, looking forward to offering reviews of both albums in the ensuing months.

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Nocturnal Rumination: Aging

We are a viscerally visual people.  I saw this a while ago and favorited it and then revisited it tonight after having a look in the mirror.

Presidency & Aging.

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Art of the Day: Lily Aucoin

Lily smaller

Lily Aucoin

Digital art 2011

assassin armor small


Digital art 2011

It amazes me how old some of my work has gotten, perhaps it is time to redo this one but not before I at least share the old version!

This is Lily Aucoin, other wise known as Naphal. She is originally from a kingdom known as Arlonne, but when she lost her parents was taken in and trained by a skilled leader of a thieves guild. She has risen in the ranks over the years and is awaiting her time to take the reins of leadership.

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Diurnal Aural Experience: Mantiis by Obsidian Kingdom (2012)

One of my favorites from 2012.  Enjoy the album in its entire composition.

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Inspiration of the Day: Alchemy.

For some odd reason, I’m thinking of this brand of proto-science and pseudoscience: Alchemy.  I enjoy the reasoning, however magical it may be, and the efforts involved to grow this esoteric path.

Bonus points to those that know what this is, and how to use it:


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