Nocturnal Ruminations: Hodgepodge…

31 Jan

As this bureaucrat has many things to accomplish before this week is gone and will be on the road tomorrow and Friday, it should be noted that there will be no posts from Buer on 2/1/13.  I believe on Monday or Tuesday, I’ll focus on posting an article on the origins of Groundhog’s Day (it’s fun).

Secondly, if you have not yet, one of the best deals in music, period, is to be found here: Obsidian Kingdom.  Their album Mantiis – An Agony in Fourteen Bites is available for Name Your Own Price digital download.  It’s an amazing experimental approach to genre blending metal, world sounds, noise rock, and gaze sounds.  I really enjoyed the use of horns on the album, and found the singer’s clean vocal and growled vocal interplay perfect in its tone and never falling into good cop vs. bad cop dreck.  I’m only offering a quick review as the Alembic focuses on albums released within the confines of a specific calendar year, but this was on my year end list last year and I very, very, very nearly put Cinnamon Balls from this album on the Best Songs list.  If you like music that has an eye to strong composition and varying soundscapes that are brightly evocative regardless if the themes are dark as a moonless night, you will enjoy this album.

Further, in borrowing from Jon Stewart and only slightly modifying it, here’s your daily moment of Serendipity: Chores & Sex.

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