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Ugh. Sick. Closed

Ugh. Sick. Can’t think.

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Nocturnal Ruminations: Poverty Point

Map is from wikipedia and and shows the extent of the known site.  411px-Louisiana_-_Poverty_Point_-_Karte_(English_version)

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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Devin Townsend’s Trainfire from Ki

Because I’m in a movin’ kinda mood.

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Inspiration of the Day: Arrowheads v. Spear Points

Top image is from Hampson Museum in Wilson, AR and displayed on CAST’s Hampson Museum project website.  The bottom image is from the Helena, AR Musuem and is displayed on their website.

nodena_nodena_pt_lrg Indian6_op_800x444


Note the differences in size.  These are the points most commonly found in Eastern Arkansas.  Nodena’s distinctive willow leaf shape stands out and is very small in size.  The points and bits below are axes, spear points (the larger points), and the smaller narrower points are arrow points.

I bring this up for one reason: as part of the suite of the laws governing historic/archeological items, there is a statue that is colloquially known as the “Collectors’ Statue.”  Essentially, it states that, if during your use of public land in the US, you find an arrowhead, you may keep it.  It defines arrowhead as a point no more than 4cm in length (refer to the above Nodena point).  Any other point should be immediately given to park staff and reported.  It is a crime to remove a point larger than 4cm in length from any public land or private land (without the owner’s express permission).  Further, due to trends in methamphetamine usage and the looting of archeological sites, it’s becoming more and more common for looting to be considered a felony in the US.

In the vein of an earlier topic (Who Owns History), how would you feel if a piece, however small, of your marginalized people’s heritage was removed without academic study and care?

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Nocturnal Rumination: Current Events

Both stories are from NPR:

C. Everett Koop died today at 96.  He is notable because he changed the manner in which the Surgeon General worked in the US.  His was a position of common sense, especially in the face of dangerous drug addiction issues in the 1980s, the advent and epidemic of AIDS and techniques to prevent its spread, and even abortion.  Though Conservative, Dr Koop set aside his personal beliefs for his scientific and medical opinions when approaching these topics.

In Britain, a 101-year old runner has retired.  Feel worse about missing that workout now.

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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Grinderman’s Worm Tamer

Since I’m in a mellower, slightly punkier mood than usual. Try this on for size.  Mute UK doesn’t seem to allow sharing a stream, so you’ll have to use the link

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Weekly Music Stuff: Steven Wilson, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and the Key and the Crook.

I don’t have the time to write a review this week; it’s bound to happen from time to time and now is one of those times.  So, instead, I’m going to show you what I’ve been listening to over the previous few days or so.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Push the Sky Away”

A wonderful collection of songs that never really seems to strive to develop a character rather than discuss specific situations.  Perhaps that’s the point, but I’ve not had the time to listen to it enough to determine which it is.  I posted Jubilee Street’s video, possibly the only character on the album is this street, last week.  I’m still stunned with the approach to it.

Steven Wilson – “The Raven that Refused to Sing and Other Stories”

Again, Wilson offers us a collection of songs seemingly inspired by his fixation on electronic, drone, and retro styled rock.  What I’ve heard this far sounds great.  I really enjoy Luminol after the jazzy intro fades away, and the title track is simply a stunning approach to storytelling in multimedia.  That said, I’m wondering if the ideas are getting a bit fatigued, because while I love retro rock, Storm Corrosion was a bit drab and overwhelmingly droning at points.  Grace for Drowning seemed like a funeral dirge at points and Insurgentes was great, but was probably his most purely prog inspired work by this point.

Key and the Crook

An American Rock band from the Richmond, VA area.  I enjoy their music which seems to be inspired and separate from the mainstream rock channels.  A bit like Radiohead meets PT’s soft moments, in my opinion.

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