Apocalyptic of the Day: Richard III

05 Feb



Archaeoporn at its finest!  King Richard the Third’s burial place in Leicester was found beneath a parking lot.  My first thought was to tell a bureaucrat friend of mine.  This is our conversation.

Buer: “They found King Richard the III.”

Bureaucrat Friend: “Yeah?  That’s interesting.”

Buer: “Completely; seems like his plan for perseverance after death didn’t work that well.”

Bureaucrat Friend: “It rarely ever does.”

Washington Post has a good write up on the subject, and other sources have reported that he had a shaming wound on the backside.  So for all the disgust at the treatment of Gaddfi’s body after death, remember, your own people did the same thing.  And, some still do.

It’s important to note that, if you look at pictures of his remains, you’ll see how severely curved his spine was.  IT must have genuinely been painful to have been him.

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