Nocturnal Rumination: Winning

13 Feb

Here’s Tobold’s take on winning, losing, and enjoyment of time: Winning is not the purpose of playing.

Hell of a take.  Games that are intentionally designed to have winners and losers aside (something an RPG is categorically NOT), there is not a point at which one should merely say: “Oh, I beat X boss,” especially when the game is not being engaged and boiled down in risk/reward series of min/maxing of looking at strategy guides and other bollocks of that nature.

Don’t forget the point of a story is to be thrilled by it.  Next time you sit at the table, or fire up a game in which exploration and narrative are key facilities of that design, remember it.  Next time, fight the boss without the guide or if you can execute its strategy to perfection, develop your own.  Would you really look at the next Drizzt DoUrden book, and staring wildly at its pages, wondering how quickly and systematically you can defeat it?  If you want that, go play WoW or D&D 4.

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