Apocalyptic of the Day: The Last 48 Hours.

22 Feb

In my little neck of the woods, the weather has been curious.  In the grander scheme, the weather has been mostly warm for the previous week.  Until morning yesterday, when it began to snow.  The snow came at a fast clip for a number of hours, causing travel to become difficult and forcing the early closure of schools in the local area.  However, right as these places were closing, the snow stopped.  Shortly thereafter, the roads cleared and the ambient temperature warmed, causing melt.

Then, at 5am this previous morning, I was awoken by a flash of lightning, swirling winds, and thunder.  Peering out my window at this obvious intrusion of my last hour of sleep, I saw pea sized “sleet/hail” (I don’t understand how it’s categorized at this size).  This lasted for approximately 30 minutes, then faded to nothing.  However, the roads were still clear, so school and work was still in session.

At work, rains started right as we were walking in the door at 8am.  Big, thick teardrop style rain.  It lasted only minutes before it stopped, and then returned to the pea sized ice, then returned to the big rain, then back to the ice, then back to the rain, before devolving into a mist.  Thunder and lighting were intermittent throughout this all.

So, over the previous 48 hours, we had winter return, drop relaxing snow, then spring start creeping in with thunder, dropping rain and ice, then to higher than freezing temperatures.  My boss, being the sarcastic one she is, said: “the only way this could get stranger is if toads started falling from the sky or we had a plague of locusts.”

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