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Closed for the Day!

As written yesterday, we’re closed.  But, check this stuff out: Layered Images of Paris 1913 v. 2013 and Rue89. Very, very awesome stuff.

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Nocturnal Ruminations: Melody… or how a song becomes a song.

Since I’ve spent the week ruminating on music in general, here’s what my personal definition of a song is: a unit of an entire composition of music.  I have an extreme enjoyment of an album on which songs were strategically placed on their album by the artists in question to develop their piece.  Hence why albums like Porcupine Tree’s “Deadwing” (they hit you over the head with “The Incident”), Opeth’s “Blackwater Park,” and many, many, many others are so great.  You can listen to one song, but listening to the entire composition is equally rewarding.

While I respect bands like Meshuggah, I have a hard time calling what they do music.  It’s more an exploration of syncopated percussive assault in which melody (something I feel a song needs) is placed to the back burner.  I know Devin Townsend writes “even though we have bands that influence still, we all rip off Meshuggah.”  Many have critically acclaimed this sound as brilliant, but I’ve not been able to get it except in small doses (“Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave Them Motion” and “Pitch Black”).  Being the nerd I am for anything music, Sam Dunn’s “Metal Evolution” documented how the songwriters of this specific offshoot of metal focus on the tribal, percussive elements, turning nearly every instrument in the band to a hammer.

I do not find this enjoyable or even musical (though it is obviously well written and charted).  Honestly, of this style, only Acyl has capture my imagination for a long period of time.  I love the manner through which they tie the music of their heritage into the percussive elements.  It’s intoxicating.

Therefore, I look for bands whose songs are movements, like in an orchestra, for the most part for enjoying my music.  The combination of melody, rhythm, verse, and orchestration is what makes the best bands that I have come to greatly enjoy.  This is why Leprous is at the top of my list, while Pig Destroyer is a grave question (yes, I realize this is a bit without precedence in this writing because I’m not writing about hardcore).  Hardcore is a sound I’ve yet to be able to qualify with how vapid I truly find it and is the antithesis of what I enjoy musically.  I get that people love it, but when I see some of its fans gushing admiration of Hardcore and then putting Hip Hop down I get a bit puzzled.  I view the two styles in their basest senses as the same.  A complete and utter rejection of melody for rhythm and quick turn of phrase.  In the end, all music is art, no matter how it’s written.

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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Meshuggah’s “Pitch Black” (2013)

Enjoy.  This will be relevant later today.

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Inspiration of the Day: An update…

Tomorrow, 29 March, we’ll not be posting at all.

Further, I may going forward have to take more days off; I’ll continue to attempt to publish my weekly music review and writing log.  My truest and most sincere inspiration is starting her softball season soon enough and missing a game of hers is unthinkable for me.  Further, I’m attempting heavily to return to archeology or a museum setting from my current Social Services job.  Applied anthropology is fun, but I still find that I enjoy skeletons and artifacts more than clients.  Less talking back or something like that.

Anyhow, I figured an update would be best in this position.

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Nocturnal Ruminations: Typologies and Music.

The idea of genre has become so damned specific.  In most cases, it serves as a means by which the listener can relate the sound to another; e.g.: that new Devin Townsend album’s totally cock rock, man or Agalloch is Folk Black Metal.  We know what these labels mean to the music we prefer and the specific choice details precisely what to expect from that sound.  However, similarly to the incorrect classification of Devin Townsend’s Epicloud as Cock Rock (which it is, but it’s also varied and sundry), it also limits and pushes away, fracturing listeners into individual typologies of their own.  For lack of a better description, it is an earmark of our own personal identity and style as to that which we listen.

In general, I see only a small number of genre whereas there are a far greater number of styles or variations on this theme. Essentially, here are the genre I see:

Rock: Rock is the foundation for just about everything to which I listen.  Typified by a vocalist, guitars, and percussion, Rock is an expansive canvas.

Blues: The music of from where I came; a dirty often countercultural exploration of themes on the edge of the culture and a vehicle of giving voice to the powerless.  Typically very emotional in theme and sound, Blues is often noted as an expression of the soul.

Folk: My mother’s favorite genre; I enjoy the genre as well, especially in its storytelling approach and often gentle darkness.

Hip Hop: A genre with which I am lacking an overwhelming amount of familiarity.  Though I love the R&B styling of its origin, I’ve yet to encounter much hip hop that I enjoy (or would even call music similar to…).

Metal: My most familiar genre and that to which I listened the most growing up.  As it has evolved and taken in more elements, its artistry has mature, however, there are bands whose music just isn’t music.

Big Bang/Classical: Composition, emotion, artistry, and passion combined into one.

You’ll notice that I left off country, pop, progressive and other “genres.”  It’s because these are more stylings of each.  Modern country is a mixture of rock, blues, and folk.   Pop reflects the mainstream musical tastes of the day.  The Progressive styling attempts to further the aims of the genre by pulling in different or varying sounds and compositional structures. Therefore, these are more like metastylings of music.

Each genre has its own set of stylings that allow for bands to individualize themselves or to completely separate from the rest of the pack.  In metal, I’ve found that there are as many different varieties as there are colors.  Black styled metal relies of cold sounding sonics with tremolo picking and rasping shrieks.  Grindcore punches you in the throat, throws you to the ground and kicks you whilst you are down.  Yet, I find very little redeemably musical about that specific genre of noise.  Punk is similar: look at the Sex Pistols.  The point is this, we overtypify because it individualizes us as the listener more than it does the music.


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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”

I loved this song as a kid.  Still do.

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Regret of the Day: Tattooing…

Tattooing is a noble and lovely art and something that I love very, very much.  But, as I found this on reddit early Tuesday afternoon, there is no limitation as to the failure of desire.  In this case, this image demonstrates a very, very poor life decision.


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