Nocturnal Ruminations: A Hodgepodge

11 Mar

Gothic art stylings of characters from a Game of Thrones from Hogans McLaughlin and his tumblr.  Beautiful illustration style.

Discussions on space and asteroids from NPR: Segment 1 and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

In terms of my own work, a decision should be made on my progression as the bureau here soon (here’s hoping it comes through) and a job application should be answered here soon as to whether I get the shot to get back into archeology.  This is going to continue to impact my thoughts going forward and distract me from wholesale writing in my downtimes.

That written, I’ve been able to push through two of the seven cultures the game will attempt to ship and have completed their themes.  Magic is now fully operational, though it still needs some work.  I’m happy about that. Up next is the Skill system, I’ve had some ideas to streamline the system and allow for more player choice when it comes to this system.  Further, other cultures have been delegated to my partners in crime for magic development and we’ve still yet got to add to the Casting Styles.  The end result of all this that the combat system is going to need to be refined to bring it in line with the Magic System.

In the Lay of Seidenbard, I’ve only worked out my notes on the story more.  I’ve added a few scenes here and there, but progress has been noted mostly in its future development and writing rather than its words on the page now.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog!  We are greatly appreciative of the views and the time spent with us.


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