Weekly Music Review: Terracide’s Primordium EP (2013)

11 Mar

I’m not including the album art this time, though it’s well done.  You’ll be able to see it in the bandcamp link from their work.  As I was going through selecting an album to review this week, I didn’t feel I’d digested enough of the long releases to which I had been listening recently.  I’ll be doing a long release again next week.   With all that written, let’s focus on this short release that attempts to bring together three diverse styles of metal.

Terracide is a young/newish band from the DC area here in the states.  With the reflection of retro styles of music (I’m looking at you Steve Wilson, Mikael Akerfeldt, et al.), it should not be overwhelmingly surprising of what these guys tried to do.  Essentially, the aim of the band, as defined by the band, is to be an “aural feast of aggressive energy sure to rouse the fire inside of metal lovers everywhere.”

Being that I fell in love with metal in the 1980s and listened to my parents and brother’s music collections of 70s rock, I generally enjoy the Maiden-inspired Power Metal (a.k.a.: D&D as per a friend in grad school).  These guys recognize what that type of harmony, speed, and epic riffage can do to build a grandiose atmosphere, and they do so well, taking it to a nearly baroque level at times.  Combining this with melo-death metal, the volume and scope of the music is great in its power.

Terracide provides a massive scale to which you music listen.  The aggression snaps and grabs your attention right off the bat, and then pulls you into the fabric of the epic story in the background.  At a very visceral level, these guys are like last year’s critical darlings, Ne Obliviscaris; however, I don’t think NeO is as good as this band.  Their combination of diverse styles, even down to throw a thrash aspect into their sound, resonants more with me than the former.  Overall, this is a three song EP; it’s short, but it’s free and definitely should be heard if you consider yourself a metal fan of any type.  It makes me look forward to this band being able to get into the studio for a long release; they are deserving of the effort.

On another note, if you are enraptured with their sound like I was, check out their Kickstarter for ways to help them meet their goals.  Good luck, Terracide!

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