Weekly Writing Log: In which we had a board meeting…

01 Apr

Great news!  One of my partners in crime with Cultura and I came to consensus regarding magic finally!  We are entering into the final development process for magic.  This stokes me entirely.  I’m ready to continue my work on this facet and get it completely knocked out.  Finally, it feels like a culturally relevant part of the game where a player’s decision on what race and then what ethnicity of that race they play is actually going to fracking mean something.

Orphan Black’s first episode was last night and it was amazing.  The BBC just seems to get Sci-Fi a lot better than US television conglomerates.  It’s part James Bond, part Philip K Dick, and modern social critique.  I’d advise catching it if you have not started yet.

I’ve done more plotting on the scenes necessary for the Lay of Seidenbard.  I’m trying to not get too far ahead on everything an keep my skeleton the piece in place; however, there are things that just have to be demonstrated so that the story is understandable.  My homage to David Foster Wallace continues with this piece and gives me a new appreciation for the fact that he was able to get nearly 1500 pages from it.

With Easter Monday passing and the Spring season really kicking in, I’m looking forward to the time in which I’ll be able to get out more (especially in that I work in an office).  My creativity has been shit lately and I know it.  Its affect has been felt here in my writing for this site, my writing for the Lay, and for Cultura.  I need to get back out.  Further, we’re entering a month that will see the release of Ghost B.C.’s new album and Amorphis’s new album.  I’m looking forward to this fact!  Plus, I just got done to my first listen of Echtra’s album and will probably review that piece this week as well.

As always, thank you to everyone that reads this site.  I’m very appreciative of each view and every comment.


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