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03 Apr

A great and well deserved well wish to Baroness as they embark on the road again after their accident.  May the recovery of those that are unable to join them occur quickly and well enough to allow them to at least enjoy their lives.  While Baroness has never been a great favorite of mine, I do respect just how damn Southern they feel (much more so than Mastodon) and how well they project it through their music.  For full details, read this post from their website.

Not an overwhelming fan of this band either (some of their music is good, other parts of it I can leave), but Chthonic is releasing another album.  Their bassist, Doris Yeh, (fuck yeah! more women in metal!) provides some interesting insight to their creative process, discusses multimedia art approaches, and otherwise provides a very interesting read.  Here is the article from the Examiner.

Norway’s Shining (aka the metal band that became metal after starting as a jazz trio) is releasing another album this year, this time to follow up their genre founding effort in “Blackjazz.”  Norway’s is doing a Shining week as a media event to their songs.  Visit this page to listen to “My Dying Drive,” and follow the link to “The One Inside” in the second paragraph under the photo of the band.

Returning to women in Metal and from the Icelandic scene, Angist is working on a full length album they want released this year.  Details are here in this interview. Their EP, Circle of Suffering, has not left my music player since I bought it and I’ve listen to it nearly once a week since.  While I’m not completely in for the smack you in the mouth harshness all the time, I have to say that this band does it right.



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