Weekly Writing Review: In which I spent the weekend ill…

22 Apr

You know, the point of working is getting to the weekend with enough money to a.) eat, b.) enjoy your time and become involved in a hobby or interest, and c.) involve your family in all the above.  This is impossible when your nose becomes packed with cement and you arrive home, passing out in bed not ten minutes after walking in the door and sleeping for an hour.  Then, still attempting to go do the things you want before returning home and passing out again for two more hours, which then borks your sleeping schedule up, making you fall asleep at some ungodly time in the morning before waking up at your usual time for work.  All the while, you still feel fucking terrible.  Being sick prevents you from doing none of the above, which is what the reward of work should be, but makes it where everything in life fucking sucks just enough that you do not want to get shit done.  I believe I knew I was coming down with something Thursday night, which is why I probably did not feel like writing in the morass of the other responsibilities that I had.

Oh well…

On the bright side, I did finally figure out how to integrate casting style into Cultura’s magic system and begin developing it so that player choice defines EXACTLY how your character uses their style and what it MEANS for the caster in question.  That’s pretty fucking sweet if you ask me.

As always, thanks for reading.  Have a great week!


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