Celebration of the Day: In which all darkness will pass unto the light…

07 May

In the only time you will ever see me write this name anywhere, Varg Vikernes announced his departure from metal in an arrogant, long winded stream of consciousness.  Ultimately, he has been a millstone around the neck of metal fans, especially black metal fans, since his murder of Euronymous.  In an argument that borders on surreal, Vikernes describes his contempt for the nihilistic black metal approach whilst using a nihilistic argument, describing his endeavors as Nietzsche would the endeavors of the artist. How the spirit of his great and powerful music creates in him this Rashkolnikov type character of genetic, intellectual, and spiritual purity that transcended and led a new path.  In the end, Varg is nothing more than a coward and a murderer.  A person that uses terrible font to hedge his pathetic arguments that divide further and further down a path of idiocy and lunacy.  So, thank you, Varg, for leaving.  It is the best and only thing you should have ever done.

To Islander, just quit listening.  Quit trying.  He is nothing. His music is poison; in the words of Akerfeldt from Ghost Reveries: “His mouth is a vortex, sucking you into its pandemonium…” You cannot separate artist from art.  The hand that created is informed by the mind that was constructed; it’s obvious that his indoctrination began at a young age, coupled with an aimless childhood in which most likely stern punishment at home by parents along with very little allowed societal discipline created this sociopathic fool.  Let him rot, and let the music with it.  Like Wagner, ignore the insect.

And, Varg, if you read this, I hope you enjoy my music selection today.


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