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In the course of my research for the game’s magic system, I’ve taken a great deal of effort in reading a great many books.  The common thread of this all is the sheer imagination with which humanity exists.  I’ve re-read Michael Taussig’s commodity fetishism book, Kuru Sorcery, the Golden Bough, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Healing and Music, and so forth.  Every system is different; very unique in and of itself.  Yet, the most interesting facet is simply the amount of magical thinking necessary to construct these systems and how daunting it is to take that very tiny sinew of compatibility between differing world views and put them into a system.


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Food for Thought.

After last week’s absolutely terrible ending here on the blog, I’m focusing on not writing a review this week (but I have been working on both the game and the Lay).  The comic has brought a new audience it seems, which makes me happy.  I’ve not been sharing much on the writing front at all lately, but it’s going well as far as it seems.  I have been enduring a rather lengthy turn of general burn out from new, more expansive responsibilities and distraction.

So, here’s some interesting facets of the English language, from gawker media:

“In Modern English we have these third person pronouns, which can be broken into four categories – masculine, feminine, neuter, and plural. Essentially, and it’s always been this way in English, plural functions as a special gender in pronouns with its own verb conjugation to boot. It’s really quite neat that way, and that’s why I look at English as having not three, but four genders.” (Here’s the full text).

And here’s a beautiful set of images by Toby Allen.  The imagination required to develop and demonstrate these nasty little creatures is amazing.


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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Gris’s Seizième Prière

Theme of the week in music is going to be reviews upcoming over the next week.

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Comic: Lay of Seidenbard, Part I, Page 3

Moly page four


Enjoy!  Happy friggin Monday!


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Well; that was a comedy of errors.

Something I was running for today got mixed up (due to this dumbass at the PC) for yesterday TWICE.  So, I’m going to post those things I wanted to yesterday today!

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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Devin Townsend’s War (Live)

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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Devin Townsend’s “War” live from Retinal Circus

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