OMG: In which October was the most insane time I’ve had in a long while.

30 Oct

Okay, I really intended to write more.  I really intended my blog break to last a far less amount of time.  However, a combination of real life, stress, and politics kept me from re-visiting this space.  So, I’ve got work to do here to make it up.

On the good side: kiddo’s softball team ended up placing second in our city wide tournament.  This was unexpected and awesome.  The federal government pulled their head out of their collective asses and did the right thing in the end (more on this in the bad).  And, I’m on vacation, earning a much needed rest from the grind that is the life of a bureaucrat.

Bad side:  The shutdown was one of the most tense moments I’ve faced.  Combined with the release of the Affordable Care Act, this October is the most stress I’ve felt at any point my life.  The time from October 1 through October 18 felt like a year, simply put.  Due to the shutdown, SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps) was the only reason I remained at work.  The majority of individuals paid solely on Medicaid funding are federally funded, even though they are paid by the state.  If the shutdown lasted much longer, my position, which is moderately funded by Medicaid, would have been furloughed.  This hung like a thick cloud of smoke over my head, while my workers were coming to me and asking if I knew whether they were going to work tomorrow.  As Medicaid was decimated during the shutdown, the policy and legal departments related to the Medicaid/ACA integration were sent home.  This essentially left us blowing in the wind with regard to policy and other needs during this time frame.  Fielding questions from curious individuals, many of whom are fully participating in the workforce and are not eligible under current qualifications, was next to impossible and the most common question was: “my employer offers health insurance, do I take it or try my luck on the marketplace?”  This was something that I could not answer and is not something any of us could until after we got clarifications on it all.

Ultimately, by the time 1pm Thursday rolled in (the start of my vacation), I was exhausted.  I came home and passed out until kiddo got in.  Friday was no different, but included a softball game.  Saturday was our double header and our greatly successful day.  Sunday was the first day I got to rest.  I’m behind on my vacation writing for Cultura and the Lay of Seidenbard, but I’m doing well on it.  Further, I’ve attempted again to get back into archeology, so we’ll see how that works (though I’m not extraordinarily hopeful at the point and am focusing on my current work and my writing).  The Lay Comic, done by Paimona, should have been featured over the past few weeks, but wasn’t.  This is because I didn’t have the spare time to help her develop the layout.  That will resume very soon.

Thanks to everyone that follows the blog, our work, and has taken a interest in any of our projects.  It’s very much appreciated.  Sorry for the diary-esque entry, but I had to get some of these things off my chest.

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