Rumination: A Return to the Normal

04 Nov

My vacation, now over, has been a respite from the daily routine of continuous work.  In my line, there is no true sense of completion.  It’s akin to playing Tetris constantly; that written, it is equal parts rewarding and invigorating when things go right.  I used the time to refresh my mind.  I’ve caught up on writing for Cultura, but not for the Lay (which is fine because the system is more important than my own creative writing).

In all accounts, we are back to normal here, I think.  It’s something we’ll find ourselves focusing on for a while is to finish out this year strong, writing and finalizing thoughts.  Coming through the end of the year, I’ll not be writing the week of American Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Just as a head’s up, mostly, but ultimately, I’ll be planning on releasing the best album lists the last week of the year.  I try to review albums of the current year (Jan 1 through Dec 25).  I’ll compile a list of my favorite albums of the year, my favorite songs, albums I didn’t review but should have, albums I didn’t review because I didn’t enjoy the music, and my favorite new band (to me) of the year.  I look forward to 2014, where I’ll begin working on the actual play testing of this monster I’ve created and hopefully to having a completed manuscript for the Lay.

Look forward to new comics as well.  Anyway, cheers on the upcoming week.

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