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Comic: Lay of Seidenbard, Part 1, Page 2

Lay of Seidenbard, Part 1, Page 2

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Art of the Day: Mejken Siedenbard

Mejken ab Delaslättin och Siedenbard

Traditional art – April 2012: Mechanical pencil and carbon pencil on A4 paper 

I am going to start the week sharing a little traditional work and sketches as I continue the run down of the Siedenbard family. Today we have Mejken, used to be known as Gry (Groo), eldest daughter to Hrothmar Siedenbard. Her mother was killed when she was very young and taken in by a high profile member of the Gåjlish Kingdom during the worst of their civil war. Trained in combat, she worked with the Kingdom until the war ended and was lucky to disappear before being apprehended as a traitor. Later she was reunited with her father and has made a decent life for herself including bonding to Drifflin ab Delaslättin, younger brother to the Grav Teryn ab Delaslättin (head of the winter court family and Lord of the Delaslättin Rike).

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Art of the Day: The God and the Goddess

The God and the Goddess

Digital art – January 2011

I decided to continue with the deity theme today and showcase an older piece on the God and the Goddess. These two are older gods in our world in Cultura worshiped by the Vidh, or what some might think of as Forest Elves. The Vidh are the eldest of the elven races and thought to be the ones from whom the others came. They call these two deities She who Destroys and He who Creates.

Being the penultimate deities of their people, She and He have been ascribed by the Vidh to the control of base phenomenon of nature.They work together to keep nature in balance. She being responsible for destructive forces such as wild fires, severe storms, and earthquakes, feeding off the life He provides, and He works to rebalance life in her wake. Shown are the humanoid visual representations but she is known for actually taking the forms of the destructive forces she manifests, He is said to take the shape of whatever life he wishes, though most popularly thought to show himself as a larger than life animal, such  but typically is represented as a stag, bear, or fish.

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Art of the Day: Daeva


Digital art – July 2011

This piece is the visual representation of Cultura’s Elven goddess of Knowledge, inspiration and wind. She is the consort of Azjthorin, the elven sun god.

Her wings are that of the owl, symbolizing her wisdom, stretched out against the backdrop of a rising sun. The break of a new day giving mortals the light of knowledge.

To the Gjåles, Daeva is the feminine half the Creator with her consort, Azjthorin.  Her skin is said to be a dark, chocolate color from being in the sun god’s presence and her voice rings constantly with song.

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