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Food for Thought.

After last week’s absolutely terrible ending here on the blog, I’m focusing on not writing a review this week (but I have been working on both the game and the Lay).  The comic has brought a new audience it seems, which makes me happy.  I’ve not been sharing much on the writing front at all lately, but it’s going well as far as it seems.  I have been enduring a rather lengthy turn of general burn out from new, more expansive responsibilities and distraction.

So, here’s some interesting facets of the English language, from gawker media:

“In Modern English we have these third person pronouns, which can be broken into four categories – masculine, feminine, neuter, and plural. Essentially, and it’s always been this way in English, plural functions as a special gender in pronouns with its own verb conjugation to boot. It’s really quite neat that way, and that’s why I look at English as having not three, but four genders.” (Here’s the full text).

And here’s a beautiful set of images by Toby Allen.  The imagination required to develop and demonstrate these nasty little creatures is amazing.


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In which we return, bearing gifts of apology.

So, in general, I didn’t write at all last week.  Sure, I got a few words on a page here and there.  There were a number of reasons for this: 1.) kiddo’s learning Magic which is awesome; 2.) helping with kiddo’s homework and spending time with family; 3.) short weeks make for long work in bureaucracy as you truly pay for your day off in a management capacity; 4.) Paimona and I decided to try our hands at something new.

So, with 100% less excuses, here’s without further adieu our initial attempt at bringing the Lay of Seidenbard (you’ve seen it here in a few scenes) into comic form:

Moly page one final


We’re going to try to bring out a page a week (well, she is since I’m only a talker and writer rather than anything else).


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Weekly Music Review: Black Crown Initiate “Song of the Crippled Bull” EP.



Bandcamp did not fail me this time.  I stumbled onto this band last week during my downtime.  Like always, the band’s name, album art, and description grabbed me and pulled me into a listen.  The trio, from Reading, PA, offer what seems to be their first recording, a twenty minute long progressive romp through varying styles of metal and rock.

The EP is a single song divided into four movements, the opening of which, Stench of the Iron Age, hums in on guitar.  Soon joined by a loose, nearly funk style bass, the music retains a very airy quality, akin to coming into a dream.  The vocals croon in contemplation with this music that slowly withdraws, becoming more and more fragile, until it explodes into its fury.  The metal in the song reverberates in the band’s highly technical approach.  First, the technical death metal here is amazing, drawing you further and further down to a morass.  Second, the use of silence/stopping of a particular instrument throws just that much more tension into the song.

There is no gasp between tracks on this album at all, reflecting the use of each as a movement of the full composition.  I tried listening to one track on its own and while good, it did very little for me.  As a whole, the composition is where the reward is found.  Ghost She Sends stomps in quickly, monolithic riffs shattering the ear after discord swarms through the introduction.

The Mountain Top is the band’s most direct song, a swirling mass of extremity and power.  Yet, like clouds clearing, the chorus provides a cooling break from the pressure and tension of the heaviness.  This is then reflected in the Song of the Crippled Bull where the music tails out on pensive arpeggios and power.

Ultimately, this EP is worth $3.  Buy it.  This is an amazing approach to music that I haven’t seen from American bands often which tend to voice heavily on the violence aspects of metal rather than the pensive.  Like NCS wrote, Black Crown Initiate is on my watch list and I can’t wait to hear a full length from this band.

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…And, we’re back!

Okay; so essentially, I took two and a half weeks away from writing full time and constantly.  It was for a really, really good reason.  One: I’m again up for promotion at the bureaucracy at which I had previous attempted promotion and was denied; and two: I’m up for a very good job in the compliance field of archeology. That interview seemed to go very, very well and I feel like I built a solid report with the interviewer.

The plan for this week is to get back to writing on my fiction, the game rules, and for this space.  I plan on attempting to get a review done for an album and for a game.  Either way, thanks for bearing with me if you did.


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Mourning: RIP Ray Manzarek


Ray Manzarek died yesterday at the age of 74. Manzarek, the organist/keyboardist, from the Doors was one of the most influential players of psychedelic rock and progressive music in the1960s and 70s. Many graces of his passing to his family and loved on. Thank you to him for being involved with one of the most amazing bands and art in a very caustic and trying period of this country.

Due to the weather coming through the area, I’m only going to do a this and the music post today.

The banner is taken from the Doors Facebook page.

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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Amorphis’ Silent Waters

One of the best songs I’ve heard; it’s tone and mood seem to fit the day spot on.  Enjoy!

Also, interesting site that NCS linked on a discussion about Deafheaven.  It’s called Steel for Brains and discusses artistic creation from the artist’s perspective.


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Diversions of the Day: An Assortment

First and foremost, I saw this amazing idea by Boston College students.  It is brilliantly done.  A many well wishes and support from my little corner of the world to this.

Secondly, I don’t know which should be more insulted: the men deported or the women of Saudi Arabia.  This Gawker article explains that three men from the United Arab Emirates were deported for being so dangerously handsome.  While the offense is obvious to the men in this situation, it’s rather insulting to the women of Saudi Arabia, who have a very well documented dearth of rights.  Of course, the party line is that it was because of a woman.  More power to the lady who bared her chest in protest and in explication of the beauty of the female form (in a tasteful way, mind you).  Terrible still that a body can still yet be used as weapon of imagery more than the mind.

Now for levity from Ghost’s AMA on Reddit via MetalSucks: Highlights.

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