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Food for Thought.

After last week’s absolutely terrible ending here on the blog, I’m focusing on not writing a review this week (but I have been working on both the game and the Lay).  The comic has brought a new audience it seems, which makes me happy.  I’ve not been sharing much on the writing front at all lately, but it’s going well as far as it seems.  I have been enduring a rather lengthy turn of general burn out from new, more expansive responsibilities and distraction.

So, here’s some interesting facets of the English language, from gawker media:

“In Modern English we have these third person pronouns, which can be broken into four categories – masculine, feminine, neuter, and plural. Essentially, and it’s always been this way in English, plural functions as a special gender in pronouns with its own verb conjugation to boot. It’s really quite neat that way, and that’s why I look at English as having not three, but four genders.” (Here’s the full text).

And here’s a beautiful set of images by Toby Allen.  The imagination required to develop and demonstrate these nasty little creatures is amazing.


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Comic: Lay of Seidenbard, Part I, Page 3

Moly page four


Enjoy!  Happy friggin Monday!


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In which we return, bearing gifts of apology.

So, in general, I didn’t write at all last week.  Sure, I got a few words on a page here and there.  There were a number of reasons for this: 1.) kiddo’s learning Magic which is awesome; 2.) helping with kiddo’s homework and spending time with family; 3.) short weeks make for long work in bureaucracy as you truly pay for your day off in a management capacity; 4.) Paimona and I decided to try our hands at something new.

So, with 100% less excuses, here’s without further adieu our initial attempt at bringing the Lay of Seidenbard (you’ve seen it here in a few scenes) into comic form:

Moly page one final


We’re going to try to bring out a page a week (well, she is since I’m only a talker and writer rather than anything else).


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In memoriam

From Caity Weaver of Gawker.

This is so delightfully existential.

“Kachemak was not afraid of dying before she was put to sleep on Saturday (“releasing her from a rapid decline in the last week from age-related infirmities”), because Kachemak was not aware that dying was something that could happen to her. She wasn’t unhappy about leaving the other sea otters. She didn’t worry about whether or not she would be remembered fondly. She didn’t reminisce about her lost youth or dream about all the things she had never done. The final moment of her life was not particularly different from any of the moments that proceeded it; she just kept on living right up until she didn’t. It was different, but not sad.”

Applause, Ms Weaver, applause.

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Writing: A Scene

Yraemr Manor, Yraemar, Delaslattin, the Gjaalestadht, Morning of the 17th Day of the Fourth Month, 1089AC.

“Uncle Markusz really outdid himself with this gift,” Vanessza says, her lilting voice echoing off the chambers of the plush carriage that she shares with her mother.  “He was right about the suspensers for the axes!  This ride has been the smoothest ever and I love the crushed velvet-plush seats.”  She beams at her mother.

“Suspension, axels, and for the wheels, dear child,” Ro, the Epic Hero, says evenly.

“Oh, whatever.” Vanessza waves her hand dismissively.  “I’m not an engineer or wheelwright.  But, I do love the pattern on the curtain!” She exclaims as the carriage enters the courtyard of the manor.

Sighing, Epic Hero rubs her hand from her forehead over her eyes, running her thumb and forefinger over an eye each (exclamations and chatter had been the entire four day ride from Soelshjarta, Solsken), pinching them on the bridge of her nose for a moment.  She takes a long breath, holding it for a short count and then releases it in steadily.

The carriage lurches to a stop in the courtyard, approximately ten paces from the carriage’s right side door to the manor’s primary entrance.  The driver’s assistant climbs from his perch on the bench above the horses and rushes to the door of the carriage, opening it and standing to attention.  “The Vaektare ab Maluszken, Heir Apparent of Solsken, and her issue, Vanessa ab Malusken have arrived.”

Teryn touches his the tip of his middle finger of his right hand to his brow and then bows low as Epic Hero and her daughter made their way from the carriage.  Molly, always looking for the chance to wear her blue dress, curtseys, her lips curled into a small smile.

Epic Hero stands to her full height, swaying slightly before starting her walk toward Teryn.  “Grav ab Delaslattin, it is wonderful to see you again,” she says, nodding.

Vanessza, walking in step behind her mother, snakes her right hand out, grabbing her mother’s wrist.

“Vanessza, dear, what are you doing?” Epic Hero says between her fixed teeth; Teryn’s brow raises.

“Who’s that in the window?”  She juts her left hand toward the window above the manor’s door

Teryn turns on his heel, folding his arms across his chest and tilts his head up.  Molly shrugs, her brows furrowed.  The curtain in the window sways a few times.

“Oh, please tell me you saw him,” Vanessza says softly, leaning her cheek against her mother’s shoulder.

Ro stands straight, her head raising and taking a sharp breath.  It holds her in her chest as the curtain sways side to side.  Molly turns her head to Teryn and snorts, folding her arms behind her back and rocking on her feet.

“Just a trick of wind and probably of light, Vanessza; the combined brightness of the plains, river, and glass can often fool the most observant of people,” Teryn says, turning back to the others.  “Shall we?”

“Yes, Grav,” Epic Hero says, her hand locked with Vanessza’s, breaking her held breath.

“Mother, you look pale,”  Vanessza whispers.  “You saw it, didn’t you?”  A small smile touches her face.

“Yes, Vanessza, I saw something.  A trick of yours most likely, and you were sent to Magiskhjarta so as to not waste your talents and here you are using mind tricks and illusions,” Epic Hero says, growling low.

Vanessza’s eyes widen.

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…And, we’re back!

Okay; so essentially, I took two and a half weeks away from writing full time and constantly.  It was for a really, really good reason.  One: I’m again up for promotion at the bureaucracy at which I had previous attempted promotion and was denied; and two: I’m up for a very good job in the compliance field of archeology. That interview seemed to go very, very well and I feel like I built a solid report with the interviewer.

The plan for this week is to get back to writing on my fiction, the game rules, and for this space.  I plan on attempting to get a review done for an album and for a game.  Either way, thanks for bearing with me if you did.


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Inspiration of the Day: Jason Collins…

By now, most everyone will have heard about Jason Collins.  It is an inspiring and wonderful day.  Take a moment to read about his decision and experience in his own words.  The best column of the day was a defense from Drew Magary regarding the most obvious (and bullshit argument) to be made against him: Why Does It Matter If Jason Collins is a “Bad” Player.


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