DAILY FEATURES (runs Monday through Friday):

Artwork of the Day: a piece of Paimona’s work plus a short synopsis regarding the image, its intentions, and from whence it was inspired.

Inspiration of the Day: a piece of inspiration, regardless of source or media (news, photography, music, narrative, poetry, video, &c) with analysis written.

WEEKLY FEATURES (posted any day of the week; typically two of these features a week, once during the week and once on the weekend):

Game Design Discussion/Analysis: As the creators and editors of the blog are attempting to take a homebrewed table-top roleplaying game to the market, we will express our opinions and perceptions of game, world, lore, and systems designs related to this concept.

Artistic, Philosophic, or Musical Analysis: A longer post on the musicians, artists, philosophers, and beliefs that inspire us to continue our creative efforts and provide us insight to themes about which we would not normally consider.

Writing Log: A weekly accounting of the writing done for the Cultura Gaming System by Buer over course of the previous week.  This will be posted each Monday.  A week runs from Monday through Sunday and each report will be expressed in minutes.


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