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Diurnal Aural Experience: Being’s “II: Nyx”


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This is not a review…

katatonia -ve


After very stunning releases, Katatonia has offered an acoustic remixing of their Dead End Kings in the form of Dethroned & Uncrowned. Katatonia, like almost all metal bands, suffered from very, very poor production in their early albums.  This phase of their career was caused by a combination of poor tracking equipment and rushed production times.  Starting with The Great Cold Distance (still in my opinion their best album to date), the increase in quality and attention to the atmospheric details of their sounds were absolutely noticeable.

Viva Emptiness was released in 2003 before any of these changes occurred.  It laid the foundation for what would come in The Great Cold Distance, Night is the New Day, Dead End Kings, and Dethroned & Uncrowned. That aside, the album could not hope to match up with the quality and the atmosphere of the other releases.  The remastering and remixing of this album, which I did not find out about until very, very recently, was a bit of a surprise to me.  This increased focus on the band’s back catalogue is surprising.

This release does a wealth of good to clean up the problems with the original release’s issues: the drums aren’t so in your face, the addition of the synth/key sounds genuinely broadens the atmosphere of the music, and the alterations to the levels of some of the guitar sounds and tones really serves to increase the mood.  Further the addition of a new song in the middle of the composition really does serve to help with this release.

Ultimately, for most Katatonia fans, I don’t believe it will matter in regards to this purchase.  Some people will buy it even when they own the original.  The overall difference is noticeable and enjoyable, making Viva Emptiness that much better an album in my opinion.  Those that don’t own the original release should really only buy this version; it is that much better.  Fans that all ready have the album will find that their songs remain the same, but overall this is the statement the artist wanted to make with this album.

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Art History on its Ear: The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting

Wait until the very, very last second.  It’s totally worth it.

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Diurnal Aural Experience: Ihsahn’s “NaCl” from Das Seelenbrechen (2013)

Enjoy.  It’s a catch song with quite probably the most accessible riff Ihsahn’s ever composed.  The music doesn’t hit you overwhelmingly hard (though it’s beautifully and skillfully written and evokes a sense of tension mixed with confusion).  This lyric will however: “Or maybe I’m the bigger fool who nurtures every fight and every loss.”

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Lay of Seidenbard Comic, Part I, Page IV

Moly page five final

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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Gris’s Seizième Prière

Theme of the week in music is going to be reviews upcoming over the next week.

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Comic: Lay of Seidenbard, Part I, Page 3

Moly page four


Enjoy!  Happy friggin Monday!


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