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Xbox One

Kotaku Article

Quickly looking over the hardware specs, the system is going to be awesome. The graphics will be even more beautiful, so much so now that you may forget you are playing a game. It will be a bluray player, a DVR it seems and so much more. And, it will be connected to the Internet primarily, insuring me that it would become a note on my mantle and little else. I’m comparing it to my experience with Diablo 3, which I really enjoyed but because of the persistent Internet connection which led the most fatal flaw of all: their auction house. I am still tentative yet on a fully net capable household and the ramifications thereof.

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Weekly Writing Log: In which we broke for Spring…

In the words of Dostoyevsky from Notes from the Underground, “I am an idiot.”  I should have closed the site after Monday of last week (I had a whole bunch of shit going on and to be frank, I’m still not done with it yet). However, I will be able to focus more heavily on the blog this week; though we will be closed on Friday for a real life level up reason (holy crap, where are my 20s?!?!).

I should be back at writing this week more regularly as I wasn’t able to get a lot done between all the personal and professional responsibilities of last week.  If anyone wants an archeologist, just let me know! (by science, that’s shameless pandering).

All that aside, thank you all for participating in this blog by your viewership and to those of you that have commented.  It is very much appreciated.  This week will be focusing on the way I view music, which I still haven’t defined here, before returning the next week to Cultura and possibly another sample of the Lay of Seidenbard.


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Nocturnal Ruminations: Violence in Video Games

Kotaku Source Article.  Please start with this link here.

This has been a question that has continually arisen during times of mass violence.  So, I remembered something I wrote a long while back after a similar situation occurred in Norway:

There was no fear, or worry about what I wrote; I have been burned alive at conferences before!  Yet, it just seemed unimportant yesterday.  As details emerged about the tragedy in Norway, it was found that 1.) it was not in fact a Muslim group that attacked, 2.) it was a Conservative Christian that did so, 3.) he liked guns, hunting, bodybuilding, and 4.) he was a gamer.

Kotaku ran two posts on their site yesterday regarding the individual in question, including one that describes how he used video games to prepare for his actions.  Chilling, disgusting, and utterly mind boggling, however, it is absolutely common for people associated with a mass murderer to say something to this effect: “I can’t believe it was him.  He was so nice and gentle!  I did not think he could hurt a fly.”  Something all ready stated several times over.

Aside from this all, it was pointed out in the commentary section that this attacker looked very much like Anders/Justice, from Dragon Age: Awakening and Dragon Age 2.  This is a fact that will not be glossed past in the coming weeks, and months.  The focus will turn to World of Warcraft for its “cover it provided to him;” Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for its “training that it gave him;” and quite probably DA2 for inspiring the whole idea.

As a gamer that remembers the 1980s and the stigma placed upon tabletop RPGs (god, I still remember my best friend’s parents not understanding and burning our books in 1988; our parents felt bad later after realizing we bought those with our own money), this is the reason for disclaimers placed on games.  A majority of gamers understands that these are not real, just like a majority of people realize that music, video games, and music are not real!  That fact does not change anything, however, when I remember being in school in 1995 after the Oklahoma City Bombing, and a teacher said: “Well, it’s either a Muslim or a satanic D&D player.”  I was aghast at the comment.

The point of all the above is this: we are gamers, a lot of us have jobs, families, and friends that we all love and care for greatly.  There are those that join in that have psychological problems (it does not matter religion, race, or creed) and perhaps later commit violent acts.  We are unlike these people in that this Christian person who committed this action is also unlike many good people who go to church.

In the end, we have to listen and watch.  There are stressors and problems every friend faces, signs we might miss if we are so wrapped up in our own worlds and minds.  Even if it is just asking your buddy if he’s okay, or if he needs to talk.  That’s what is most important.

We here wish to extend our condolences to the families that lost loved ones, were affected by this in anyway, or have to face tomorrow with rubble in their streets.  To the people of Oslo and Utoya, the Norwegian Labour Party, and all that are hurt by this, we salute you.

The same appears to be true of Adam Lanza in the US, whose rage while not the most deadly incident was certainly the most disgusting. This quote is quite probably the most accurate: “He said the guns and the violent video games Adam played may well have been an unhealthful combination for a troubled boy.”  Any individual that has obvious issues with reality and their perception of it, but must monitored.  Ultimately though, no one has been educated enough to see the signs.  Take any person that has physiological or emotional problems in dealing with everyday life, add free and hardly restricted access to guns, and a means to playact those tendencies in games might be a powder keg waiting to go.

That said, nothing will replace the pain through which the parents of the slain children are going currently.  In the long run, I feel the commenter on Kotaku, Dolemite, who wrote: “Mentally disturbed individuals are drawn to violent media. Violent media does not create mentally disturbed people. Pedophiles seek out child porn. Watching child porn will not transform you into a pedophile. Police and politicians seem to have a very difficult time understanding causation and correlation” is most accurate.

The media is not the cause, but the participants might wish for the sake of their games to begin understanding how to look for the symptoms of mental illness.  Yet, we’re also the same culture that in one hand roots for Heisenberg on Breaking Bad and the Drug Dealer on Weeds, yet would prefer to see both of these wiped off the face of the earth.  Mixed statements from cultural dialogue often lead to dramatic and violent consequences.

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Inspiration of the Day: Doom Pixels.

Being of the right generation of PC gamers means that I remember with fondness the games DOOM and DOOM 2.  This is what makes this work that much more amazing.  Enjoy!




Here’s the remainder of the post on Gizmodo: LINK

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Art of the Day: Naked Girl Week Day 1



Body Study for Wenu

Digital art 2011

I felt an urge to share one of my greatest inspirations, the human body. I am not doing this to be pornographic or sexual, though I wont say I dislike things like that done tastefully, but because I love drawing it and studying it. The human body is simply amazing and gorgeous so I wanted to share a few of the things I have painted to help me better understand how it looks and moves as well as how light and color effect the skin. There is so much more to it then I ever imagined when I started drawing people and I fell in love with how complex we are. No matter why you might want to view these I hope you enjoy it.

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Art of the Day: Will it Ever End.



Will it Ever End

Traditional art 2013: 2H – 2B pencils and mechanical pencils

Something I felt I wanted to share. This is Fortroende, my holy warrior in an odd little scene that happened while sketching for some inspiration. I ended up liking the result and rendered it a bit. This has a lot of backstory to it but I will keep it nice and short.

Roe lost her husband in a civil war and found his sword on the battlefield where he fell. She was later forced into a loveless marriage by her father and had many sleepless nights. The sword, one of the few relics to remember her lost love, would bring her a little comfort in difficult times.

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Art of the Day: Lily Aucoin

Lily smaller

Lily Aucoin

Digital art 2011

assassin armor small


Digital art 2011

It amazes me how old some of my work has gotten, perhaps it is time to redo this one but not before I at least share the old version!

This is Lily Aucoin, other wise known as Naphal. She is originally from a kingdom known as Arlonne, but when she lost her parents was taken in and trained by a skilled leader of a thieves guild. She has risen in the ranks over the years and is awaiting her time to take the reins of leadership.

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