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Inspiration of the Day: Modern Ruins from io9.

Science, Science Fiction and Fantasy blog io9 runs a series on their site regarding modern ruins and their states as they decay from human abandonment and non involvement.  To an archeologist, this means a lot as we watch the taphonomy of the building and the site.  It is sobering to watch what was once amazingly beautiful or important fall apart.  In the words of Yeats, “the center cannot hold, things fall apart.”

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Again, I won’t be writing a Nocturnal Rumination this night.  Enjoy the images instead.


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Inspiration of the Day: Solar Flares



I don’t believe I need to write more.  This image is absolutely stunning on its own.  It comes from Astro Picture of the Day on Twitter and the photograph is created to NASA and the Solar Dynamics Observatory.  For more information go here.

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Inspiration of the Day: A view of the earth from the ISS

Time-lapsed footage is an amazing technique that allows for very informative imagery.  This is no exception.  A marveling, dizzying journey that reveals just how small we truly are and to me just how special our little blue marble is…

Credit for this is to Gateway to Astronaut PhotographyNASA ; Compilation: David Peterson (YouTube);
Music: Freedom Fighters (Two Steps from Hell).  This is from 31 March 2013 Astro Pic of the Day on Twitter.

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Inspiration of the Day: Think

Inspired by the introduction level Philosophy book by Blackburn, “Think,” that’s what I’m going for this week with the videos from youtube.  I find that the perspectives and difference of opinions are greatly important, especially in a world where America’s president’s heritage is terrifying to a segment of the population, when the simple fact is that he is an American, and the new Pope’s Italian ancestry is lauded right before stating he is from Latin America.  Irony.

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Inspiration of the Day: “The World in 2030” by Dr Michio Kaku (2009)

It’s rather long, but definitely worth the view.

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Inspiration of the Day: The Changing Demography of the American Prison Industrial Complex.

Gawker media provides a report noting a change in the general demography of the prison population in the US. The Sentencing Project advocates the “changes in sentencing law and policy, not increases in crime rates, explain most of the six-fold increase in the national prison population. These changes have significantly impacted racial disparities in sentencing, as well as increased the use of ‘one size fits all’ mandatory minimum sentences that allow little consideration for individual characteristics” (taken directly from their Mission Statement on their website).  Full text of the report is here and the link to further reports is here.

While there appear to be no set answers, it seems to an extent that disparities in sentencing seem to be changing.  Yet, while I agree that criminals need to be punished for their crimes, my own work in the bureaucracy notes that even though people “serve their time” they are not often acquitted of their punishment even after release.  It is further obvious that the most stern punishments are directed squarely at the socioeconomically weak.

Just some good food for thought as it has been this way for a long, long time in human history; it’s just nice to begin seeing the first steps to just and equal punishments.


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Inspiration of the Day: Paimona’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday to my wife, Paimona. Rose

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Inspiration of the Day: Doom Pixels.

Being of the right generation of PC gamers means that I remember with fondness the games DOOM and DOOM 2.  This is what makes this work that much more amazing.  Enjoy!




Here’s the remainder of the post on Gizmodo: LINK

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