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Rumination: A Return to the Normal

My vacation, now over, has been a respite from the daily routine of continuous work.  In my line, there is no true sense of completion.  It’s akin to playing Tetris constantly; that written, it is equal parts rewarding and invigorating when things go right.  I used the time to refresh my mind.  I’ve caught up on writing for Cultura, but not for the Lay (which is fine because the system is more important than my own creative writing).

In all accounts, we are back to normal here, I think.  It’s something we’ll find ourselves focusing on for a while is to finish out this year strong, writing and finalizing thoughts.  Coming through the end of the year, I’ll not be writing the week of American Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Just as a head’s up, mostly, but ultimately, I’ll be planning on releasing the best album lists the last week of the year.  I try to review albums of the current year (Jan 1 through Dec 25).  I’ll compile a list of my favorite albums of the year, my favorite songs, albums I didn’t review but should have, albums I didn’t review because I didn’t enjoy the music, and my favorite new band (to me) of the year.  I look forward to 2014, where I’ll begin working on the actual play testing of this monster I’ve created and hopefully to having a completed manuscript for the Lay.

Look forward to new comics as well.  Anyway, cheers on the upcoming week.

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Lay of Seidenbard Comic, Part I, Page IV

Moly page five final

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Comic: Lay of Seidenbard, Part I, Page 3

Moly page four


Enjoy!  Happy friggin Monday!


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In which we return, bearing gifts of apology.

So, in general, I didn’t write at all last week.  Sure, I got a few words on a page here and there.  There were a number of reasons for this: 1.) kiddo’s learning Magic which is awesome; 2.) helping with kiddo’s homework and spending time with family; 3.) short weeks make for long work in bureaucracy as you truly pay for your day off in a management capacity; 4.) Paimona and I decided to try our hands at something new.

So, with 100% less excuses, here’s without further adieu our initial attempt at bringing the Lay of Seidenbard (you’ve seen it here in a few scenes) into comic form:

Moly page one final


We’re going to try to bring out a page a week (well, she is since I’m only a talker and writer rather than anything else).


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Nocturnal Rumination: The Writer and Their Muse.

I’ve never bought wholesale into the bullshit of a writer’s muse.  It seems to connect writing to some metaphysical endeavor or some such that really doesn’t seem to make a whole bunch of sense to me.  I do believe that writers are inspired by everyday life.  If anything, my current endeavors have provided such a great environment from which to be inspired its amazing, so much so at times that coping with the stresses of it are difficult through which to pull.

Ultimately though, I hope to have more updates for you in the future and tonight, vainly, I offer a scene from the Lay of Seidenbard to you:

Music Room, Yraemr Manor, Yraemr, Delaslattin, Gjalestadht. Evening of the Eleventh Day of the Fourth Month of 1089AC

Hrothmar’s fingers dance across the fret board of the guitar, playing scales in arpeggio. Hraldr sits across from him, his arms resting against the arms of the chair.  Hraldr’s eyes are closed, and his head sways ever so slightly.  Hrothmar strums once more and lets the strings ring as he raises his right hand under his nose and uses the thumb and index finger to smooth his mustache.

“Show off,” Hraldr says, his eyes opening.

Hrothmar grins and makes a fist with his left hand and quickly opens it, letting the guitar rest against his chest.

“Sitting at home for however long it was meant far too much time to practice,” Hrothmar replies.

“Guess it’s good for us, hey?”  Hraldr says, grabbing his lute, which was placed to lean against the arm of his chair, by the neck and putting it in his lap.

Hrothmar nods and picks at the strings haphazardly, his lips pursing and brows furrowing.  “Well, I think we got it off the top now, don’t we?”

“Yeah, it went where we wanted, mate,” Hraldr nods, playing on his lute to match Hrothmar’s earlier arpeggios.  Hrothmar takes his turn to close his eyes.

“That’d be perfect to demonstrate the movement change from the events of Seiden to where we should go next,” Hrothmar says.

“That’s what I was thinking. Drums would enhance and emphasize the mood, I think.  Especially if we are planning on going gloomy.”

“How’re we gonna get Cym drums for this?”

“I’m sure there are plenty of percussionists out there,” Hraldr sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose.  “Assuredly, someone’s got to have a Sjoeraelfir drum, and you forget that we’ve got Lara.”

Hrothmar’s eye twitches.

“I didn’t forget,” Hrothmar says, then coughs.

“Aye, aye, you didn’t, mate.  Must be hard to remember you’ve got a nephew who’s married,” Hradlr grins.  “Aside, you should consider his strings and voice here too; he gets a nice haunting tone to music with’em.  He also has a nice sarcasm.  Plus, you’d get the girl’s keen.”

Hrothmar’s lips purse as his head tilts to the right.  “Would be perfect, you’re right.”

“And, they’re family.”

“And, they’re family,” Hrothmar smiles softly.  “Plus, would be good when we’re singing about Dagnysborg.”

Hraldr nods and begins strumming

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Weekly Writing Log: In which we had a board meeting…

Great news!  One of my partners in crime with Cultura and I came to consensus regarding magic finally!  We are entering into the final development process for magic.  This stokes me entirely.  I’m ready to continue my work on this facet and get it completely knocked out.  Finally, it feels like a culturally relevant part of the game where a player’s decision on what race and then what ethnicity of that race they play is actually going to fracking mean something.

Orphan Black’s first episode was last night and it was amazing.  The BBC just seems to get Sci-Fi a lot better than US television conglomerates.  It’s part James Bond, part Philip K Dick, and modern social critique.  I’d advise catching it if you have not started yet.

I’ve done more plotting on the scenes necessary for the Lay of Seidenbard.  I’m trying to not get too far ahead on everything an keep my skeleton the piece in place; however, there are things that just have to be demonstrated so that the story is understandable.  My homage to David Foster Wallace continues with this piece and gives me a new appreciation for the fact that he was able to get nearly 1500 pages from it.

With Easter Monday passing and the Spring season really kicking in, I’m looking forward to the time in which I’ll be able to get out more (especially in that I work in an office).  My creativity has been shit lately and I know it.  Its affect has been felt here in my writing for this site, my writing for the Lay, and for Cultura.  I need to get back out.  Further, we’re entering a month that will see the release of Ghost B.C.’s new album and Amorphis’s new album.  I’m looking forward to this fact!  Plus, I just got done to my first listen of Echtra’s album and will probably review that piece this week as well.

As always, thank you to everyone that reads this site.  I’m very appreciative of each view and every comment.


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Weekly Writing Log: In which we broke for Spring…

In the words of Dostoyevsky from Notes from the Underground, “I am an idiot.”  I should have closed the site after Monday of last week (I had a whole bunch of shit going on and to be frank, I’m still not done with it yet). However, I will be able to focus more heavily on the blog this week; though we will be closed on Friday for a real life level up reason (holy crap, where are my 20s?!?!).

I should be back at writing this week more regularly as I wasn’t able to get a lot done between all the personal and professional responsibilities of last week.  If anyone wants an archeologist, just let me know! (by science, that’s shameless pandering).

All that aside, thank you all for participating in this blog by your viewership and to those of you that have commented.  It is very much appreciated.  This week will be focusing on the way I view music, which I still haven’t defined here, before returning the next week to Cultura and possibly another sample of the Lay of Seidenbard.


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