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Weekly Writing Log: In which we revisit classics…

Not much writing was done this week, to be honest.  It has been a stressful and difficult two months for me at the Agency at which I handle far too much Paperwork.  Bureaucracy has a tendency to stultify creativity because answers to the problems seem to be rote in their approach and broad view solutions are discouraged in favor of get X done now.  Yet, I can only blame my employment just a touch in this case… I spent the majority of the week debating the virtues of Pride & Prejudice with Paimona, considering Emma again, and re-reading A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. 

Classics are a wonderful and beautiful way through which to analyze the world of that time at which the pieces were written.  So, in other words, Paimona is all about the Regency era in England at the current time.  In addition, I’ve been reading The Vikings: A History by Robert Ferguson, a wonderful book that ties archeological, linguistic evidence, and history together.  Yes, it is a bit streamlined and simple, but it is a great piece.

As always, thank you greatly for your viewership and all comments made.

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Weekly Writing Log: In which we had a board meeting…

Great news!  One of my partners in crime with Cultura and I came to consensus regarding magic finally!  We are entering into the final development process for magic.  This stokes me entirely.  I’m ready to continue my work on this facet and get it completely knocked out.  Finally, it feels like a culturally relevant part of the game where a player’s decision on what race and then what ethnicity of that race they play is actually going to fracking mean something.

Orphan Black’s first episode was last night and it was amazing.  The BBC just seems to get Sci-Fi a lot better than US television conglomerates.  It’s part James Bond, part Philip K Dick, and modern social critique.  I’d advise catching it if you have not started yet.

I’ve done more plotting on the scenes necessary for the Lay of Seidenbard.  I’m trying to not get too far ahead on everything an keep my skeleton the piece in place; however, there are things that just have to be demonstrated so that the story is understandable.  My homage to David Foster Wallace continues with this piece and gives me a new appreciation for the fact that he was able to get nearly 1500 pages from it.

With Easter Monday passing and the Spring season really kicking in, I’m looking forward to the time in which I’ll be able to get out more (especially in that I work in an office).  My creativity has been shit lately and I know it.  Its affect has been felt here in my writing for this site, my writing for the Lay, and for Cultura.  I need to get back out.  Further, we’re entering a month that will see the release of Ghost B.C.’s new album and Amorphis’s new album.  I’m looking forward to this fact!  Plus, I just got done to my first listen of Echtra’s album and will probably review that piece this week as well.

As always, thank you to everyone that reads this site.  I’m very appreciative of each view and every comment.


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Weekly Writing Log: In which we broke for Spring…

In the words of Dostoyevsky from Notes from the Underground, “I am an idiot.”  I should have closed the site after Monday of last week (I had a whole bunch of shit going on and to be frank, I’m still not done with it yet). However, I will be able to focus more heavily on the blog this week; though we will be closed on Friday for a real life level up reason (holy crap, where are my 20s?!?!).

I should be back at writing this week more regularly as I wasn’t able to get a lot done between all the personal and professional responsibilities of last week.  If anyone wants an archeologist, just let me know! (by science, that’s shameless pandering).

All that aside, thank you all for participating in this blog by your viewership and to those of you that have commented.  It is very much appreciated.  This week will be focusing on the way I view music, which I still haven’t defined here, before returning the next week to Cultura and possibly another sample of the Lay of Seidenbard.


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Weekly Writing Log: In which, the writing came back…

It’s been a cold month of trying and not really succeeding to write, but experience teaches that this is normal for any writer to go through dry spells.  This was a long one for me, but it appears to be ending.  Magic in Cultura is finally ending is long winded development process and is appearing to meet the goals we had established in going forth with it.

Either rate, as always, thank you for reading and visiting our site!

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Weekly Writing Log: Erg!

Between stress at work, seeking for a new job, handling things around my house, and generally being busy, I’ve gotten none of writing done that I’ve wanted and been inspired even less.  This is a difficult thing when you’re attempting to churn out the manuscript you’ve been spending three years on in the current calendar year.    So, in other words, I’ve got what amounts to shit done over the past two weeks when it comes to the Lay of Siedenbard and the Cultura system.  However, we are very appreciative over the views we get and the followers we have.  The creation of a world is a difficult endeavor, and I find myself going to read again.  This seems to be the solution to my inspiration block.  Thank you again for helping us with a successful week.

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Weekly Writing Log: In which the bureaucrat becomes ambitious…

Currently, my ambition to go further has forced my writing to slow for both the Lay and the game world. This week in particular has been good for note writing and taking regarding some of my original design aims, hence why I’ve been either posting or reposting a lot of my philosophies here.

As always, thank you to everyone that has read this previous week’s entries and has liked our work.

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Weekly Writing Log: In which our mind has slowed…

A combination of training and fighting off what seems to be the beginnings of illness have slowed my writing over the past week.  Though Paimona is producing the art of the Milner peoples now; which is awesome.  They are a pragmatic and constant people whose ambition has shaped their land and their government.

As always, we are greatly thankful of those whom read this blog and continue their support through these means.

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