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Diurnal Aural Experiences: The Human Abstract’s cover of “Moonlight Sonata”


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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Rosetta’s “Ryu/Tradition” from the Enjoy.

Enjoy.  This is all I’m doing for the day again:

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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Scorned Deity’s Adventum

Enjoy!  And buy the damn album.  It’s worth your $5.

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Review: Scorned Deity’s Adventum


Recovering from my break and general state of busy, I tossed on some tunes and got to thinking.  Part of writing about music you love is making sure it does not turn into a business, unless you will or wish it as so.  Generally, I listen to European music.  Most of the bands I end up falling in love with anymore are from the Great White North and a few from the Isles.  Having cut my teeth on American metal in my youth, I constantly look for American bands to follow.  And, in the interest of full disclosure, I missed this band.  They contacted me regarding a review for their sophomore release.

The problem with the style of music this band plays is that it tends to come across as a wall of sound unless it’s done well.  Scorned Deity offer a symphonic black-death mixture of metal.  A generally flagging sound that has altogether caused more headaches of late than anything worthy of a listen.  However, this Detroit, Michigan band hits the right notes of intensity and pushes the sound through from the operatic opening to its blackened end.

The mixture of the brutality of harmonizing death metal guitars and the frigidity of black metal soundscapes sewed together through Dream Theater/prog rock styled keys and synths.  Each instrument inhabits its own spaces, reducing the wailing wall of sound so common of recent Dark Tranquility and other melodeath bands.  The guitar tones are strong (it’s been a damn long time since guitar solos really got to me in metal) and well produced and the percussion is well on display.  The band’s approach evokes Emperor to my ear, especially in its use of the aforementioned synths which in combination with the choral female voice creates an epically woven tapestry.

Well written and considered, Adventum pulls you straight into the music through its majesty and draws you down into its core with its intensity.  The ride is generally satisfying, especially when the sounds don’t bleed together.  If anything, the album suffers from a touch of schizophrenia as the band pulls from the two different styles and then attempts to also include industrial electronics.  However, if that is my only complaint, I feel as if I’m nitpicking.

Scorned Deity’s second album is a worthy release and definitely puts the band on my watch list. I enjoyed their use of harmonizing melody and brutality.  It is a writhing intense ride, but one that is completely worth your time if you’re interested in this music.  And, damn is it good to have another American Metal band about whom to write that.

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Diurnal Aural Experiences: The Black Dahila Murder’s “Into the Everblack.”

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Diurnal Aural Experiences: Black Crown Initiate’s “Song of the Crippled Bull”

Reposting this.  Listen to it; enjoy it; support the band.

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Weekly Music Review: Black Crown Initiate “Song of the Crippled Bull” EP.



Bandcamp did not fail me this time.  I stumbled onto this band last week during my downtime.  Like always, the band’s name, album art, and description grabbed me and pulled me into a listen.  The trio, from Reading, PA, offer what seems to be their first recording, a twenty minute long progressive romp through varying styles of metal and rock.

The EP is a single song divided into four movements, the opening of which, Stench of the Iron Age, hums in on guitar.  Soon joined by a loose, nearly funk style bass, the music retains a very airy quality, akin to coming into a dream.  The vocals croon in contemplation with this music that slowly withdraws, becoming more and more fragile, until it explodes into its fury.  The metal in the song reverberates in the band’s highly technical approach.  First, the technical death metal here is amazing, drawing you further and further down to a morass.  Second, the use of silence/stopping of a particular instrument throws just that much more tension into the song.

There is no gasp between tracks on this album at all, reflecting the use of each as a movement of the full composition.  I tried listening to one track on its own and while good, it did very little for me.  As a whole, the composition is where the reward is found.  Ghost She Sends stomps in quickly, monolithic riffs shattering the ear after discord swarms through the introduction.

The Mountain Top is the band’s most direct song, a swirling mass of extremity and power.  Yet, like clouds clearing, the chorus provides a cooling break from the pressure and tension of the heaviness.  This is then reflected in the Song of the Crippled Bull where the music tails out on pensive arpeggios and power.

Ultimately, this EP is worth $3.  Buy it.  This is an amazing approach to music that I haven’t seen from American bands often which tend to voice heavily on the violence aspects of metal rather than the pensive.  Like NCS wrote, Black Crown Initiate is on my watch list and I can’t wait to hear a full length from this band.

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